Chapter 20

Ten Ways to Increase the Odds of Landing a Job


Bullet Submitting resumes digitally

Bullet Zeroing in on company websites

Bullet Judiciously using job boards

Bullet Avoiding resume black holes

Although the Internet makes uncovering a gold mine of job possibilities easier than ever, your mission is to separate the gold from the sand in finding the right opportunities for you. This chapter aims to help you get your resume to the right eyes for the right jobs without fumbling around and wasting time.

Send Your Resume in the Right Tech Form

The job search process is now primarily digitized, producing a variety of devices and websites where your online resume can be marketed.

The big question savvy job seekers are asking right now is which form they should use to send resumes to a specific online location, such as a job board. Read the instructions on each website, of course, but you have the following three options:

  • The full-design resume, when used as an online document, conveys a visual message as well as information expressed only in typographic text. Graphical design elements ...

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