Chapter 21

Ten Tips for Choosing Professional Resume Help


Bullet Selecting a superb resume writer

Bullet Checking out the goods

Bullet Shopping for price quotes

In addition to reading this book, how do you best come up with a resume that ushers you into prime interviewing territory? Should you hire a professional resume writer or go it alone?

There’s plenty to be said in favor of hiring a professional writer, who not only is an expert in classic marketing principals but also is tuned into the brave new world of job search — from swirling social media to racing-ahead technology.

Professionally crafted resumes not only boost your confidence but actually make money for you by shortening your job search — for example, when you're searching for a $50,000-a-year job, each week of unemployment costs you about $950 in lost pay. By working with a certified professional, you can dramatically reduce the time you spend unemployed.

Remember Organize your own material to present to the professional writer just as you organize your taxes to hand over to an accountant. Organizing your information primes your ...

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