Social CRM For Dummies

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Discover great ways to engage your customers through the social web

Social CRM is an evolving tool to help you engage your customers, interact with them, and develop deeper relationships. This handy guide teaches you how to make the most of it, whether your business is a small shop or a large corporation. In a friendly, easy-to-understand style, it explains how you can create new marketing communications and develop smart, applicable content that produces results from your online community. You'll learn to use data to drive results, create social Key Performance Indicators for different business units, and a great deal more.

  • Today's consumer uses technology to select relationships with companies; this book teaches business owners how to use social CRM to create relationships that customers want to maintain

  • Explains how to integrate social media into your CRM mix

  • Shows how to use data and information gathered through social sites

  • Helps you develop social KPIs and create content that gets results from your online community

Social CRM For Dummies helps businesses large and small use social media to develop and maintain productive customer relationships.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. About the Authors
  5. Dedication
  6. Publisher's Acknowledgments
  7. Contents at a Glance
  8. Table of Contents
  9. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. Foolish Assumptions
    3. Conventions Used in This Book
    4. How This Book Is Organized
    5. Icons Used in This Book
    6. Where to Go from Here
  10. Part I: Welcome to the World of Social CRM
    1. Chapter 1: Implementing the New Social Business
      1. Accepting the New Social Change
      2. Connecting CRM History to Today
      3. Crafting the CRM Definition and Philosophy
    2. Chapter 2: Meeting the New Kid on the Block: Social CRM
      1. Defining Social CRM
      2. Discovering the Social CRM Fundamentals
      3. Understanding the Differences in Social and Traditional CRM
      4. Recognizing the Benefits of Social CRM
    3. Chapter 3: Overcoming Challenges to Social CRM
      1. Understanding the Challenges of Social CRM
      2. Establishing Best Practices and Guidelines
      3. Building a Social CRM Team
      4. Training Your Employees
      5. Prioritizing Activities and Resources
      6. Establishing Your Social CRM Goals
    4. Chapter 4: Courting the Social Customer
      1. Exploring the Habits of the Social Customer
      2. Influencing the Social Customer
      3. Talking to the Social Customer
  11. Part II: Building Your Social CRM Strategy
    1. Chapter 5: Establishing the New Social Business Model
      1. Finding the Right Person to Lead the Way
      2. Defining Processes That Yield Insights
      3. Incorporating Social Into Your Company Branding
      4. Measuring the Impact of the New Model
      5. Engaging in Co-creation
    2. Chapter 6: Refreshing Marketing 2.0 for Social CRM
      1. Attracting Attention in an Attention Economy
      2. Battling Between Old and New Marketing
    3. Chapter 7: Using the Social Media in Social CRM
      1. Understanding the Role of Social Media
      2. Building the Content Pillars
      3. Incorporating Blogging
      4. Discovering the Podcast
      5. Including Video in Your Mix
      6. Tweeting with the Microblog Twitter
      7. Facing the Valuable Facebook
      8. Adding Specialized Social Platforms
      9. Presenting as a Social Campaign Tool
      10. Having Influence
    4. Chapter 8: Aligning Sales in Social CRM
      1. Challenging the New Social Salesperson
      2. Building Sales Intelligence
      3. Valuing the Collaborative Sales Model
      4. Interacting with the New Social Customer
      5. Leading the New Lead Generation
      6. Becoming the Trusted Advisor
    5. Chapter 9: Building a Customer Loyalty and Advocacy Program
      1. Understanding Customer Loyalty
      2. Understanding the Value of Loyal Advocates and Social Influencers
      3. Enhancing Customer Loyalty and Advocacy
    6. Chapter 10: Creating Socially Relevant Customer Service
      1. Defining Customer Service
      2. Listening to the Social Customer
      3. Using Community-Based Support
      4. Creating Goals for Social Customer Service
      5. Recovering from Social Media Uproars Like a Pro
    7. Chapter 11: Supporting the Age of Mobility
      1. Looking at Consumer Trends in Mobile
      2. Navigating the Mobile Enterprise
  12. Part III: Developing a Social and Collaborative Business
    1. Chapter 12: Building a Social Organization
      1. Defining the New Internal Ecosystem
      2. Meeting the Needs of a Social Organization
      3. Establishing an Internal Social Network
    2. Chapter 13: Enabling and Empowering Your Employees
      1. Gaining Your Customer's Trust via Social Media
      2. Creating a Social Media Policy
      3. Dealing with Communication Crises
      4. Contributing to the Internal Knowledge Base
      5. Using SEO to Deflect Questions and Calls
  13. Part IV: Measuring the Impact of Social CRM
    1. Chapter 14: Analyzing Data to Drive Results
      1. Understanding the Social CRM Data Storm
      2. Teaching the Different Parts of Data
      3. Combining Business Intelligence with Social CRM
      4. Structuring Data Collection and Reporting
      5. Translating Social Media Data Into Metrics
      6. Finding a Social CRM System to Meet Your Needs
      7. Analyzing the Future of Analytics
    2. Chapter 15: Keeping Up with Evolving Technology
      1. Educating on the Future Technology
      2. Unraveling the Future of CRM
      3. Pushing Mobility and Embedded Technology
  14. Part V: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 16: Top Ten Enterprise-Level Social CRM Solutions
      1. Oracle CRM
      2. SAP
      3. Microsoft Dynamics
      5. SugarCRM
      6. Jive
      7. Pivotal
      8. Infor
      9. SAS
      10. IBM CRM
    2. Chapter 17: Top Ten Customer Service–Centric Social CRM Solutions
      1. Sword Ciboodle
      2. Get Satisfaction
      3. Attensity
      4. Parature
      5. KANA
      6. Moxie Software
      7. Pegasystems
      8. Astute Solutions
      9. Contactual
      10. Consona
    3. Chapter 18: Top Ten Social CRM Thought Leaders
      1. Paul Greenburg
      2. Adam Metz
      3. R “Ray” Wang
      4. Wim Rampen
      5. Kate Leggett
      6. Esteban Kolsky
      7. Martin Schneider
      8. Mitch Lieberman
      9. Bill Ives
      10. Marc Benioff
    4. Chapter 19: Top Ten Small Business Social CRM Vendors
      1. Nimble
      2. AddressTwo
      3. Constant Contact
      4. Zoho
      5. Nutshell
      6. Relenta
      7. Batchbook
      8. JitterJam
      9. BlueCamroo
      10. Infusionsoft
    5. Chapter 20: Top Ten Cross-Channel Marketing Vendors
      1. Eloqua
      2. HubSpot
      3. Marketo
      4. Net-Results
      5. Experian CheetahMail
      6. Neolane
      7. Silverpop
      8. Responsys
      9. SalesFusion
      10. ExactTarget
  15. Index

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  • Title: Social CRM For Dummies
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: January 2013
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781118242490