Chapter 20

Top Ten Cross-Channel Marketing Vendors

In This Chapter

  • Exploring the top cross-channel marketing vendors
  • Checking out the strengths and benefits of each platform

Cross-channel marketing vendors can help you manage every form of marketing within your company, from small to large. In addition to the actual CRM, CRM software packages can also help you control, manage, and implement entire marketing campaigns.

The software vendors listed in this chapter have the more robust offering when it comes to driving interaction with current, former, and future customers. It's imperative that a marketing system is either integrated directly into your social CRM solution or offered as part of the software purchase. Marketing automation is part of an overall CRM strategy and should be used as an add-on to your customer relationship management strategy as a company.

At the enterprise level, pricing can vary widely based on your company's needs. For pricing information for products from any of the vendors mentioned here, please contact the vendor.


Eloqua tends to stay in the B2B space but has recently been moving into more of the consumer products and B2C marketing world. They were among one of the first B2B marketing automation products and still remains one of the largest in the world of revenue and employees. Although Eloqua probably doesn't fit the small business world, it does fit the mid-size to large marketing space.

Raab Associates recently published ...

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