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Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants

Book Description

If you¿re an online business, instead of paying for an ad, like a banner, you pay for the result – the sale. This is called affiliate marketing. Pay for Performance will show anyone conducting business online, how to plan, implement, and manage a successful affiliate marketing program. The reader will find valuable Web resources such as tracking software and contract templates with the guidance of this book. There will also be direction for the reader to focus the content and develop the right affiliate model for the type of business. It will also provide case studies of successful programs as well as failures and scams to demonstrate and teach the lessons of building a successful program.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Foreword
  3. About the Authors
  4. We’d Like to Hear from You!
  5. Conventions Used In This Book
  6. Introduction
  7. What Affiliate Marketing Can Do for Your Business
    1. What Is Affiliate Marketing?
      1. Pay-for-Performance—Advertising Versus Marketing
      2. A Brief History of Affiliate Marketing
      3. Defining Affiliate Marketing
      4. Affiliate Marketing Program Components
      5. The New Cornerstone
    2. The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing
      1. The High Cost of Customer Acquisition
      2. Is Your Business Suited for Affiliate Marketing?
      3. The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing
      4. Other Affiliate Marketing Uses
    3. Become an Affiliate Yourself and Earn Income
      1. News and Features
      2. Web, Media, and Consumer Opinion Searches
      3. All-in-One Content Programs
      4. Have Your Affiliate Team Join Affiliate Programs
  8. Setting Up Your Affiliate Program
    1. Step One—Planning Your Affiliate Program
      1. Setting Up Your Affiliate Program
      2. What Do Affiliates Want?
      3. Review Your Competition
    2. Step Two—Choosing Your Program Model
      1. Affiliate Program Models
      2. The Creatives
    3. Step Three—Getting the Word Out
      1. Step One—Crafting Your Message
      2. Step Two—Building Your List
      3. Step Three—Registering with Directories
      4. Step Three—Newsletters, Discussion Groups, Mailing Lists, and Other Promotional Strategies
      5. Step Four—Contracting Out Your Recruiting
      6. Step Five—Using PR and Advertising
    4. Step Four—Choosing the Right Affiliates
      1. Know the Affiliate Types
      2. Acquiring the Super Affiliate
      3. Choosing the Right Affiliates
      4. Activating the Non-Participating Affiliate
    5. Step Five—Creating Your Affiliate Agreement
      1. Affiliate Union Certification
      2. The Elements of an Affiliate Agreement
      3. Legal Issues
      4. Monetary Issues
      5. Delivery of the Affiliate Agreement
      6. A Sample Agreement
    6. Step Six—Tracking Your Affiliate Program
      1. The Elements of Tracking and Reporting
      2. Do It Yourself Versus Third-Party Provider
      3. Choosing a Third-Party Solution Provider
      4. Third-Party Solution Providers
      5. Low-Cost Affiliate Solution Provider Services
      6. Making Sense of the Numbers
    7. Step Seven—Paying Your Affiliates
      1. Payment Plans—How Much to Pay
      2. Payment Plans
      3. Dealing with Program Fraud
  9. Managing Your Affiliate Program
    1. Managing Your Program
      1. Personnel Requirements
      2. Keeping Your Program Fresh
    2. Communicating with Your Affiliates
      1. Affiliate Newsletters
      2. Targeted E-mail
      3. Tutorials
      4. Discussion Boards or Forums
      5. Webrings
      6. Chat Sessions
      7. E-mail Discussion Lists
      8. Other Feedback Mechanisms
    3. Supporting Your Affiliates
      1. Servicing Your Affiliates
      2. Provide an Affiliate Support Site
      3. The Eight Things Every Affiliate Should Do
  10. The 10 Deadly Sins of Affiliate Marketing
  11. Affiliate Marketing Master Plan
    1. Previous Weeks
    2. Week 1
    3. Week 2
    4. Week 3
    5. Week 4
    6. Week 5
    7. Week 6
    8. Following Weeks
  12. Affiliate Directories
  13. Glossary