Chapter 11. Motivation: A Feedback Activity

Donald F. Michalak


  • To learn the concepts in Maslow's Need Hierarchy.

  • To get feedback on one's use of motivational techniques in terms of Maslow's Need Hierarchy.

Group Size

Up to thirty participants.

Time Required

At least one-half hour, depending on the length of the lecturette and final discussion.


  • One copy of the Motivation Feedback Opinionnaire, Parts I & II, for each participant.

  • A pencil for each participant.

  • One copy of the Motivation Theory Sheet for the facilitator.

Physical Setting

A room large enough to hold all participants.


  1. Each participant completes the Motivation Feedback Opinionnaire, Part I.

  2. The facilitator presents a brief lecturette on motivation, based on the Motivation Theory ...

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