How good are you at giving it? How good are you at getting it? Why does it matter?

High-performance groups see the giving of FEEDBACK as an outward expression of caring for someone. People who believe this about feedback understand the following concept: that how a person thinks he or she appears to others and how that person actually appears to others is often very different. The FEEDBACK AS CARING PRIME reveals how a person comes to see how others perceive him or her. The capacity to give and receive generative, effective, and timely feedback is essential to achieving powerful group performance.

FEEDBACK is the force that keeps the “experienced” culture aligned with the “stated” culture. FEEDBACK allows us to learn and grow because it is observable. As a consultant, I have immersed myself in dozens of companies over the past three decades. I have come to find that it is easy to determine which organizations have a healthy relationship to feedback and which ones do not. It did not take clients like Procter and Gamble, DuPont, The Four Seasons, and the Marine Corps very long to make it perfectly clear to me which behaviors they tolerate and which they don't. Yet their feedback was never too harsh; rather, it stemmed from the fact that they had pride in the culture they'd established and were extending an invitation to become part of it.

I have also gone into ...

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