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Think Like a Rock Star: How to Create Social Media and Marketing Strategies that Turn Customers into Fans, with a foreword by Kathy Sierra

Book Description

Why have customers when you can have FANS?Everything you need to leverage the power of brand evangelistsFOREWORD BY KATHY SIERRA, COCREATOR OF THE HEAD FIRST BOOK SERIESThink Like a Rock Star shows you how to connect and engage with customers both online and offline to create a truly fan-centric brand using case studies of rock stars, including:TAYLOR SWIFT--who cultivates an army of devoted fans by constantly devising amazing experiences for themJOHNNY CASH--who was so passionate about his fans that he even followed them to jailLADY GAGA--who has built a financial empire by becoming a fan of her Little MonstersThink Like a Rock Star explains how to apply these lessons to develop advocates of any type of brand, who will increase profits and grow your business.