Hack #44. Plan Your TV Viewing

Yahoo! TV can help you plan what to watch and when to watch it.

Television is a big part of our lives; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people spend about half of their leisure time watching TV. If you've ever started a long channel-surfing binge, you know that you can feel you've wasted that leisure time by the time you're done. Even though we now have hundreds of channels to choose from, it can still be hard to find something to watch.

It shouldn't be a surprise that TV Guide is one of the top-selling magazines in the country. It takes a bit of energy to really find what you're interested in, and Yahoo! TV can help you plan so you won't be wasting your time scanning. To get to Yahoo! TV, browse to http://tv.yahoo.com or type tv! into any Yahoo! Search form. Here's a look at what you'll find at the site:

TV Listings

Enter your Zip Code at http://tv.yahoo.com/grid, and you'll find what shows are on each of your channels, whether you have cable, satellite, or rabbit ears. You can view shows by time and date, limit listings to certain categories, or create a custom lineup of your favorite channels.

Picks from Yahoo! Editors

Yahoo! TV editors offer their take on the best bets for viewing, as well as brief synopses of the shows at http://tv.yahoo.com/picks. You can take a look at editors' choices for that day or move back or forward a few days.

TV News and Gossip

Find out what's happening in the television industry and what TV celebrities are up ...

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