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A veteran of Russian
fashion design, Igor
Chapurin started
his career at a very
early age. For three
generations, the
Chapurins have
been innovating and
reinventing fashion in
Russia. His grandfather
was a pioneer in
the Russian linen
manufacturing business,
his father successfully
managed many sewing
enterprises, and his
mother directed a
headwear factory. Igor’s
rst important step was
in 1993 when he created
the dresses for the Miss
Europe, Miss World, and
Miss Universe pageants.
In 1995 Chapurin
showed his  rst
collection, “To Russia
with Love, in the Red
Hall of Metropol Hotel
in Moscow. His  aring
style charmed many
and, always looking for
new challenges, Igor
went on to collaborate
with theater companies,
and opened his line of
jewelry, furniture, and
home accessories.
Igor Chapurin
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