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Juanita Álvarez studied
at the Rome Institute
of Design,  nishing
her studies in 1995.
Under the supervision
of renowned Italian
jeweler, Renato Piva,
she worked extensively
to evolve her style
and the production
process of her work.
When she returned to
Colombia, she launched
her own sophisticated
jewelry line, balancing
materials including gold
and precious gemstones
in beautifully re ned
designs. They have been
offered in the national
and international
markets since the early
2000s. Her invitation
and participation to
this years Bread &
Butter Barcelona is a
further validation of her
success. She presented
her latest collection
“Érase una vez” (Once
Upon a Time). She
repeated in Paris at
the Bijorhca Expo
with “Bon Voyage,” a
collection of her work
from the last two years
made of silver and
Juanita Álvarez
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