Chapter 6: Thinking about Resolution Basics

In This Chapter

  • Understanding resolution basics
  • Adjusting file size
  • Applying the Unsharp Mask filter to your image

Something as important as setting the right resolution for your images deserves its own chapter. In this chapter, you discover the recommended resolution for your images, which is dependent upon where the image is to be used. Are you going to use the image in a high-quality annual report or are you going to e-mail it to family? This is important information to know right from the start. Combine the information about resolution along with the steps to use the color and retouching tools we show you in Chapter 7 of this minibook, and you should be ready to roll with great imagery.

Creating Images for Print

To begin, you need to know the existing resolution of your image. To see an open image's present size and resolution in Photoshop, choose ImageImageImage Size. The Image Size dialog box appears, as you see in Figure 6-1.


Figure 6-1: The Image Size dialog box.

Image At the top of the Image Size dialog box, you see the pixel dimensions noted.

The Width and Height text fields are in inches in the English default; you can change the increments ...

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