Nina Donis
Nina Donis
Born in Moscow, Donis Pouppis spent the bulk of his childhood and adolescence in Cy-
prus. In 1996, he left the Mediterranean island to attend the Textile Academy of Moscow,
where he met the person who would become his fellow traveler, Nina Neretina, an art
student from a town close to Voronezh who headed for the Russian capital after graduating
from college. From this encounter, an uncommon aesthetic was born, one situated some-
where between the functionalism of Soviet constructivism, avant-garde and continuous
references to pop culture.
Nina Donis, the brand created by the two, was gradually making a name for itself, with
designs appearing on Russian runways and—sporadically—European ones, before making
the defi nitive leap to London Fashion Week, soon enjoying the recognition and interna-
tional projection this achievement brings.
Along the way, Nina Donis has collected numerous acknowledgements and awards, includ-
ing the Mix Collection Prize of the 2001 International Festival of Fashion and Photogra-
phy, held in Hyères and representing a meeting place for young designers, and the Designer
of the Year Prize, awarded by the Russian edition of Harper’s Bazaar.
e design tandem Nina Donis is a clear example of how the Russian fashion panorama is in
full swing, with a wide and varied range of proposals certain to leave no one indiff erent.
Photography courtesy of Nina Donis
Helen Storey
Nina Donis
With white and black colors in the
background, and reds and oranges as
eff ective combinations, Nina Donis
structured her Spring/Summer 2008
collection, from which a sketch and
one of the designs have been selected
for these pages.
Sketch courtesy of Nina Donis
Nina Donis
Photography courtesy of Nina Donis
Helen Storey
Nina Donis
Nina Donis
Nizhniy Susalniy per., 5 str. 5a.
105064 Moscow
- What inspires you?
Everything around me, life, recollections and dreams.
- What is your dream as designers?
To have the opportunity to do what we love most of all for as long as possible.
- What has been the most important achievement of your career?
e most important achievement is our long-term cooperation with each other and the delight we are still taking in it.
- How important are trends?
Trends are needed to make fun of them.
- Fashion has always refl ected a certain era. What does fashion refl ect in the twenty-fi rst century?
Chaos and vanity.
- What book would you recommend to every fashion designer?
Encyclopedia of Arts and World Art History.
Nina Donis
Sketch courtesy of Nina Donis

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