Australia and Japan
Isabela Capeto
Above, another image from the
“Nature” collection (Spring/Summer
2008). To the right, details of the
garments, highlighting the care and
meticulous, assiduous craftsmanship
that go into all of Isabelas work.
© Marcio Madeira
Isabela Capeto
Photographies courtesy of Isabela Capeto
Isabela Capeto
© Marcio Madeira
Australia and Japan
Isabela Capeto
Designs from the Fall/Winter 2007–
2008 collection entitled “Outsider,
which vindicates freedom of creation
beyond any regulation, beyond any
limit.  e only requirement is to make
a woman feel comfortable with herself.
© Marcio Madeira
Jens Laugesen
Photography by Amy Trost

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