With the availability of cloud-based resources, developers today have an unprecedented opportunity to create amazing applications that previously weren’t possible. Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables developers to interact with the entire world, even when their application supports the smallest of organizations. The access to services in the cloud is amazing enough, but the access to data and other resources is now at mind-boggling levels. Unfortunately, many developers are indeed overawed by the sheer size and scope of cloud-based development, which is why you need AWS For Developers For Dummies.

This book is about making things simple. You don’t have to try to understand the entire cloud or even just AWS in a single sitting; instead, AWS For Developers For Dummies breaks down all the concepts into smaller chunks. If you want to create imaginative applications, this books helps you do so without spending frustrating hours learning the arcane AWS API beforehand. Life is short. With this book, you can create an application in just a few hours and become productive more quickly, freeing you from the drudgery of learning quite a lot to do only a little.

About This Book

The purpose of AWS For Developers For Dummies is to help you get up and running quickly. You build a test environment and install tools that let you experiment with many of the major services without a lot of effort. The focus of this book is to get you started doing something by using just a few of the ...

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