Chapter 4

Considering AWS Communication Strategies


check Understanding how you can communicate with AWS

check Using REST to communicate

Communication is an essential part of application development. In fact, it has been an essential part of application development from the earliest days of computers. The use of client/server technology began in 1964 with OS/360 in which a remote job entry represented a request and the response was the output from the job. Today, communication takes place in all sorts of ways, and you need to know how to communicate with AWS to achieve results that your application can use to perform useful work. This chapter begins by looking at the major communication standards as they apply to AWS. You could easily fill a book or two with computer communication strategies in other environments.

AWS relies heavily on three communication strategies: REpresentational State Transfer (REST), eXtensible Markup Language (XML), and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). In fact, you can see a short example of JSON used in the “Using the IAM Policy Simulator to check access” section of Chapter 3 with regard to security policies. You find these strategies used in the examples throughout the book. This chapter provides an overview of these three strategies in a way that ...

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