Chapter 2

Obtaining Development Access to Amazon Web Services


check Considering the limits of the free services of AWS

check Knowing what hardware you need to work with AWS

check Obtaining your AWS developer account

check Checking your setup

As a developer, you need some knowledge of administration tasks on Amazon Web Services (AWS) before you can do much else. The reason is that you need to set up and configure some test scenarios to work with when performing development tasks. Obviously, you don’t want to ruin a perfectly good production setup by using untested code. Discovering how AWS works is much easier if you have your own account and resources to work with. Of course, you don’t want to have to pay for the learning time, which is why the first section of this chapter discusses the free services that AWS has to offer, and there are a lot of them. Unfortunately, free resources don’t always remain free, and sometimes free is an illusion, so the chapter discusses these issues as well.

Development also means having some amount of hardware available for the task. In this case, you actually ...

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