Chapter 14

Ten Ways to Create AWS Applications Quickly


check Using the console and sample code

check Learning from videos and webinars

check Solving problems through alternative sources

It’s deadline time and you’ve been struggling to complete your AWS application before the boss arrives to make life interesting. Fortunately, you have this chapter to help you work faster (beating the deadline so that you can just smile as the boss walks by). Of course, you didn’t have to get so close to the deadline in the first place. By using these techniques, you can make AWS application development faster and easier.

Working at the Console

The GUI is slow, the GUI is cumbersome, the GUI is for someone else — someone less experienced with computers than you. Of course, you can keep telling yourself these less-than-truthful memes or you can come to the decision that the GUI really can help you understand AWS better. Sometimes, the fastest way to determine how to perform a task using the Command Line Interface (CLI) or within a program is to determine how the console does it. The console can show you the process that AWS prefers when performing certain tasks. In many cases, going through the process ...

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