Chapter 13

Gaining NoSQL Access Using DynamoDB


check Understanding the DynamoDB differences

check Getting and configuring DynamoDB

check Creating a simple database

check Performing queries using various techniques

The Structured Query Language (SQL) associated with relational databases (those that use tables of related data) makes up the bulk of Database Management System (DBMS) applications today. Using Relational DBMS (RDBMS) strategies makes sense for most kinds of data because information such as accounting, customer records, inventory, and a vast array of other business information naturally lends itself to the tabular form, in which columns describe the individual data elements and rows contain the individual records.

remember However, some data, such as that used by big data or real-time applications, is harder to model using an RDBMS. Consequently, NoSQL, or non-SQL, databases become more attractive because they use other means to model data that doesn’t naturally lend itself to tables. Because ...

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