Chapter 1

Starting Your AWS Adventure


check Exploring the AWS cloud

check Considering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

check Defining when, why, and how to use AWS

check Ensuring you have a supported platform

There was a time when business development meant creating software for a single machine or for a workgroup. The client-server architecture, with its emphasis on both local and centralized servers, came next. Developers eventually started creating applications for the Internet as well, enabling people to do things like work from home without losing contact with the organization’s database. Browser-based applications actually appear on most desktops today, and you might spend much of your nondevelopment time using one.

As development has moved onward and outward, the tools, techniques, and processes for development have changed as well. Today you deal with the cloud, where the server that holds your application doesn’t even reside on the premises. In many respects, everyone is a remote user today. Of course, organizations have a huge investment in existing hardware and software, so ...

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