Chapter 6

Creating a Virtual Server Using EC2


check Considering the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) feature set

check Interacting with Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes

check Considering images and instances

Most developers who create major Amazon Web Services (AWS) applications interact with Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) at some point because EC2 enables you to move the computing environment to the cloud. Even though working with a local server might be easier for the developer, users demand “anywhere” access to applications using any device. Consequently, your cloud-based application must remain accessible to a range of devices, from smartphones to desktop PCs, and from any location imaginable (as well as a few locations you might not consider). A local server setup can’t provide this sort of environment; you really do need to move to the cloud. The first section of this chapter considers the issue of availability, among many other EC2 development-related issues.

As a developer, you need several methods for configuring EC2. This chapter considers two of them: the console and the Command Line Interface (CLI). You have other options as well, such as writing an application to perform the ...

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