Chapter 10

Responding to Events with Lambda


check Defining the Lambda feature set

check Working with Lambda at the console

check Building a basic Lambda application

check Adding Simple Queue Services (SQS) support

Amazon designed AWS Lambda to let you build and run applications in the cloud. The applications you create depend on Node.js (, a JavaScript environment that you used in Chapter 5 to interact with S3. You can create AWS scripts with Node.js on your local system and then upload them to Lambda to execute within the cloud environment. You typically use Lambda to perform tasks in these situations:

  • As a response to an event triggered by a service or application
  • As part of a direct call from a mobile application or web page

remember Lambda doesn’t cost you anything. However, Amazon does charge you for each request that your code makes, the time that your code runs, and any nonfree services that your code depends on to perform useful work. In some cases, you may find that a ...

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