Chapter 7

Understanding AWS Input/Output


check Understanding AWS input and output

check Interacting with JSON

check Interacting with XML

check Developing and using APIs

Previous chapters of the book take you through creating a developer setup, performing essential Amazon Web Services (AWS) configuration tasks, and ensuring that you can actually contact AWS to perform useful work. You also see how to use command-line interface (CLI), browser-based, and desktop-based methods to perform these tasks, in addition to working with the AWS console. Of course, these are all good starting points for a developer, but developers need to know a lot more about how input and output works when dealing with an application programming interface (API), which is what you’re really dealing with when working with AWS. Other people see services, but what you really need to see are black boxes where a given input provides a specific output.

AWS typically performs tasks using two specific data formats: JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and eXtensible Markup Language (XML). This chapter doesn’t provide you with a ...

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