Chapter 9

Developing Batch Processes and Scripts


check Choosing batch-processing and scripting options

check Using localized batch processing

check Creating scripts and using localized script execution

check Using aws-shell

The chapters up to this point in the book rely on performing tasks one at a time using a variety of methods that include the console GUIs, Command Line Interface (CLI), and specially designed applications. That is, you perform tasks one at a time without any chance of automating the task. That’s the best approach while you’re discovering how the various services work. However, after you know how the services work and need to perform tasks quickly, you’re ready to add automation.

You can automate AWS tasks using two techniques: batch processing (requesting that AWS perform a series of related tasks on a schedule) and scripting (writing code to perform unrelated tasks at any desired time). This chapter begins by reviewing the options you have for performing both levels of automated processing.

Most developers use automation to perform tasks, so you might already have tools ...

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