Chapter 5

Creating a Development Environment


check Deciding on which platform to use

check Getting a copy of Python

check Interacting with the IAM Console

check Getting a copy of the CLI software

check Modifying S3 via CLI, Node.js, and Python

AWS supports a huge array of development options. From a platform perspective, you can use just about every major operating system with just about every major programming language and write your code using just about every major Integrated Development Environment (IDE). In fact, just from a platform perspective, AWS offers you a dizzying array of choices, so you need to choose carefully. A wrong choice doesn’t mean instant failure, but it could mean a loss of time, increased use of resources, and some lost flexibility as well. Consequently, choosing the right platform and installing it to use AWS tools is important. This chapter can’t possibly take you through every potential option. In fact, a single book couldn’t accomplish the task. However, you do get ...

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