Chapter 15

Ten AWS Tools Every Developer Needs


check Using the Amazon offerings

check Relying on third-party support

check Getting the Bitnami tools

check Using device emulators

Tools take a wide variety of forms, and you need to consider them all if you want to make your AWS setup everything you need it to be. When asked about tools, many developers narrow their focus to the development environment. They consider add-on libraries that make coding easier, or IDE add-ons that make the development process faster. However, when working in the cloud, the concept of a tool becomes much larger than just the development environment. You must also consider the cloud environment.

remember The cloud environment encompasses quite a broad range of potential tool candidates. You consider not only the AWS services but also third-party entities, such as web services. The cloud brings with it the possibility of accessing code, data, and services from all over the world in ways that localized development could never ...

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