Chapter 6. Regarding Time, Resources, and Content

In This Chapter

  • Finding resources to blog

  • Evaluating external resources for content

  • Protecting your content

  • Adding the necessary legal statements and disclaimers

Like with many organizations, a key concern when it comes to launching a corporate blogging strategy is, "How am I possibly going to add this to my plate?" In hard economic times, marketing departments are typically the first to have staff cuts and are always figuring out how to do more with less. Blogging is a marathon, though — not a sprint — that requires many resources to produce the content, administer the program, and analyze the results.

Blogging does take time, but you can minimize the demands on your organization by finding nontraditional sources of fresh content or by reusing content. Rather than wondering how you might find time to write every day, recruiting a team of 10 bloggers can produce enough content so that you have to write only once per week!

Purchasing content, although one way to fill pages, has been controversial because the appeal of blogging is the humanity and transparency it provides. Just like the President of the United States has a speech writer, though, you can find quality content providers to speak well for your company. And guest bloggers can provide new perspectives as well as an additional layer of authority to your blog. Even better still is finding customers and industry leaders!

Of course, before you publish a word of content, remember to ...

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