Chapter 16. Ten Ways to Promote Your Blog

In This Chapter

  • Targeting networks and leading people to your blog

  • Syndicating your feed in other communities

If your company is investing resources into a corporate blogging strategy, getting your blog found outside the search engines can jumpstart your blog's return on investment. Sitting and waiting for your great content to be discovered isn't going to help you. Promotion is a necessary requirement in a corporate blogging strategy to help your blog accelerate growth and, ultimately, impact your business positively.

Publishing Posts on Your Home Page

One way to ensure your prospects know about your blog is to publish excerpts and articles on your company's home page. In Chapter 11, we provide resources on how to syndicate your blog's content on other pages. Be sure your home page is one of them. Adding a blog to your home page is a brilliant strategy to connect with consumers, build authority in your industry, drive traffic from search engines and social media, and ultimately, drive more business.

Premier agency and consulting firm, Kristian Andersen + Associates (, incorporated its latest blog posts on its home page using a toggle to display or turn off the preview of the latest posts. The most recent posts can be seen by toggling the KA+A Blog section, as shown in Figure 16-1.

Promoting your corporate blog on your Web site will not only provide a human touch for your visitors, it can also provide some search engine goodness ...

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