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Facebook All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Book Description

The A to Z Facebook guide for users, marketers, and developers alike

Facebook has more than a billion users worldwide. Whether you enjoy spending time on Facebook every day, use it to advertise and market your product, or develop Facebook apps, this go-to guide has something you need. Its six minibooks cover creating a personal timeline, connecting with others, connecting Facebook to other social media, building a fan page, marketing a business on Facebook, and developing Facebook apps. It's fully updated to cover the latest Facebook changes, including Graph Search, mobile apps, Timeline enhancements, and news feed redesign.

  • Facebook has more than one billion active users who share more than 30 billion pieces of content each month

  • More than 37 million brands have Pages on Facebook

  • This complete guide has been fully updated to cover Facebook's latest changes, including Graph Search, mobile apps for both users and Page managers, a redesigned news feed, and enhancements to the Timeline

  • Minibooks cover creating a personal timeline, connecting with others, connecting Facebook to other social media, building a fan page, marketing a business on Facebook, and developing Facebook apps

  • Facebook All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition is packed with helpful information, great ideas, and ways to help you get even more out of Facebook.

    Table of Contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Beyond the Book
        5. Where to Go from Here
      2. Book I: Creating a Timeline
        1. Chapter 1: Deciding to Join
          1. Describing Facebook
          2. Enjoying the Benefits of Facebook
            1. Embracing Facebook as an extension of your world
            2. Finding your community on Facebook
            3. Using Facebook for news and marketing
          3. Avoiding the Timesuck
          4. Agreeing to the Terms of Service
        2. Chapter 2: Creating Your Account
          1. Signing Up
            1. Completing step 1: Finding friends
            2. Completing step 2: Filling in profile information
            3. Completing step 3: Choosing interests
            4. Completing step 4: Uploading a profile picture
          2. Finding Friends
            1. Understanding what it means to be friends on Facebook
            2. Searching for people you know
            3. Sending, receiving, and responding to friend requests
          3. Finding and Customizing Your Account Settings
          4. General Account Settings
            1. Name setting
            2. Username setting
            3. Email setting
            4. Password setting
            5. Networks setting
            6. Language setting
            7. Download a copy of your Facebook data
          5. Security Settings
            1. Secure Browsing setting
            2. Login Notifications setting
            3. Login Approvals setting
            4. Code Generator setting
            5. App Passwords setting
            6. Trusted Contacts setting
            7. Recognized Devices setting
            8. Active Sessions setting
            9. Deactivate Your Account setting
          6. Timeline and Tagging Settings
            1. “Who can add things to my timeline?” setting
            2. “Who can see things on my timeline?” setting
            3. “How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions?” setting
          7. Notifications Settings
          8. Mobile Settings
          9. Followers Settings
          10. Apps Settings
          11. Ads Setting
          12. Payments Settings
            1. Account Balance setting
            2. Subscriptions setting
            3. Purchase History setting
            4. Payment Methods setting
            5. Preferred Currency setting
            6. Shipping Addresses setting
          13. Facebook Card Setting
          14. Support Dashboard Setting
          15. Deleting Your Facebook Account
        3. Chapter 3: Touring the Interface
          1. Navigating Your News Feed Page
            1. Top navigation
            2. Left navigation
            3. News feed
            4. Right navigation
            5. Ticker and Chat panes
          2. Navigating Your Timeline
            1. Familiarizing yourself with the timeline
            2. Hiding a story from your timeline
            3. Adding a past event to your timeline
        4. Chapter 4: Customizing Your Privacy Settings
          1. Understanding Online Privacy
          2. Taking Responsibility for Your Own Privacy
          3. Managing and Customizing Your Privacy Settings
            1. Blocked People and Apps settings
          4. Understanding How Privacy Settings Affect What Others See
            1. How people can find you
            2. How friend requests work
            3. How your updates are shared
          5. Utilizing Lists So You Don’t Miss a Thing
            1. Creating a list
            2. Making a list a favorite
            3. Managing your lists
          6. Discovering Interest Lists
            1. Creating or following an interest list
            2. Managing your interest list
            3. Sharing your interest list with others
        5. Chapter 5: Finding Help
          1. Using Help Center
            1. Searching Help Center
            2. Searching specific help topics
            3. Using the community forum
            4. Getting additional tips
            5. Expecting a response from Facebook
          2. Finding Important Facebook Documents
          3. Finding Additional Facebook Resources
      3. Book II: Connecting with Others
        1. Chapter 1: Creating Your Social Media Persona
          1. Understanding News Feed
          2. Finding Your Voice on Facebook
            1. Lifecasting
            2. Embracing differences
            3. Knowing what people read
            4. Using humor and provoking controversy
            5. Speaking to your audience
          3. Using Graph Search
          4. Building a Brand
            1. Building your personal brand
            2. Building a business brand
          5. Planning Content for a Page
          6. Being a Resource
          7. Avoiding Inflammatory or Spammy Behavior
        2. Chapter 2: Posting and Interacting
          1. Creating a Status Update
            1. Adjusting how you share content
            2. Adjusting individual privacy settings
            3. Using hashtags to make content discoverable
            4. Tagging friends and business pages
          2. Allowing Replies to Business Pages
          3. Removing and Editing Updates and Comments
          4. Interacting with Other People’s Updates
          5. Understanding How the Follow Feature Works
            1. Adjusting the follow feature settings for your account
            2. Following other people’s updates
        3. Chapter 3: Sharing Photos
          1. Uploading Images from Your Computer
          2. Adding Photos with Instagram
          3. Adding a Photo to Your Comments
          4. Creating and Editing Albums
            1. Uploading new photos to an existing album
            2. Moving photos from one album to another
            3. Editing privacy settings for albums
          5. Editing Pictures
          6. Using Smartphone Apps to Share Photos
        4. Chapter 4: Sharing Videos
          1. Benefits of Using Video
          2. Uploading Video to Facebook
            1. Sharing video from your computer
            2. Sharing video from your phone
            3. Sharing video from another social media channel
          3. Customizing Your Video
            1. Finding your video on Facebook
            2. Editing your video
          4. Using Facebook Apps to Share Video on Your Business Page
          5. Producing Great Video Clips
        5. Chapter 5: Participating in Groups
          1. Discovering Groups
          2. Creating a Group
          3. Personalizing Your Group's Image
          4. Establishing the Settings for Your Group
          5. Inviting People to Join Your Group
            1. Adding members when you create a group
            2. Adding members to a group any time
            3. Accepting a request to join your group
          6. Posting to a Group
          7. Sharing Documents in a Group
          8. Leaving a Group
          9. Deleting a Group
        6. Chapter 6: Going Mobile
          1. Going Mobile
          2. Using the Facebook Smartphone App
            1. Features of the smartphone app
            2. Updating your status on the Facebook app
            3. Understanding the limitations of the Facebook app
          3. Accessing Facebook on a Smartphone or Tablet
          4. Using Facebook on a Cellphone
            1. Setting up your Facebook account to accept text messages
            2. Updating your status via text
            3. Changing your mobile number
            4. Using your cellphone to text pictures and posts to Facebook
          5. Checking In to Places
            1. Using Places to connect
            2. Using Location Services
            3. Finding your place
            4. Finding friends on Places
        7. Chapter 7: Keeping Up with Events
          1. Introducing Events
          2. Understanding Events Basics
            1. Getting the lay of the land
            2. Kinds of events
          3. Finding and Interacting with Events
            1. Searching events
            2. RSVP to an event
            3. Checking out who is attending the event
            4. Interacting on the event wall
          4. Synchronizing Events and Birthdays with Your Online Calendar
            1. Synchronizing all your events
            2. Synchronizing a single event
          5. Creating an Event
            1. Adding a picture to your event
            2. Inviting friends
            3. Making changes to an event
          6. Promoting Events on Facebook
        8. Chapter 8: Having Private Conversations
          1. Introducing Facebook Messaging Options
          2. Sending Messages
            1. Messaging friends
            2. Messaging nonfriends
          3. Chatting with Friends
            1. Initiating a chat message
            2. Chatting with more than one friend
            3. Going offline or limiting your availability
          4. Making a Video Call
          5. Your Facebook E-Mail Address
        9. Chapter 9: Games and Gifts
          1. Facebook Games
          2. Playing Games
            1. Finding the games your friends are playing
            2. Allowing games to access your information and timeline
            3. Inviting friends to a game
            4. Accepting invitations from friends
            5. Blocking unwanted games
          3. Making In-Game Purchases
          4. Changing a Game's Privacy Settings
          5. Games on Facebook Mobile
          6. Facebook Gifts and Gift Cards
            1. Gifts
            2. Gift cards
        10. Chapter 10: Professional Networking
          1. Before You Begin Networking
            1. Customizing your profile photo for networking
            2. Getting to know the space
          2. Using Facebook for Professional Networking
            1. Having personal and professional conversations
            2. Building connections with professional contacts
          3. Expanding Your Network
            1. Providing exclusive content to friends and followers
            2. Establishing yourself as an authority
            3. Rocking the boat
          4. Building Stronger Engagement
          5. Networking via Your Business Page
            1. Sharing a business page with a friend
            2. Inviting e-mail contacts to Like your business page
        11. Chapter 11: Managing Connections Gone Awry
          1. Unfriending or Hiding
            1. Hiding updates from a friend or business page
            2. Removing someone as a friend
          2. Blocking Someone
          3. Leaving Groups
          4. Unliking Business Pages
          5. Blocking Apps
          6. Removing Content from Your Timeline
          7. Avoiding Facebook Viruses
            1. Spotting a virus
            2. Fixing your account
      4. Book III: Connecting to Other Social Media
        1. Chapter 1: What Is Social Media?
          1. Defining Social Media
          2. Making the Internet Friendly
          3. Getting to Know Other Social Media Platforms
            1. Introducing Twitter
            2. Introducing LinkedIn
            3. Introducing Google+
            4. Introducing Pinterest
            5. Introducing Instagram
          4. Understanding What Social Media Means to Marketers
        2. Chapter 2: Connecting Facebook to Everything Else
          1. Understanding the Basics of Facebook Platform
          2. Finding Common Uses for Facebook Platform
          3. Connecting to Facebook
            1. Connecting your blog to Facebook
            2. Connecting your Twitter account to Facebook
            3. Connecting Google+ to Facebook
          4. Using Facebook Social Plugins
          5. Using Facebook Badges for Social Proof
          6. Integrating Facebook with Marketing Efforts for Your Business
            1. Business cards
            2. Website or blog
            3. Sign or QR code in store or print materials
            4. Wherever you had your phone number in the year 2000
        3. Chapter 3: Flying on Autopilot
          1. Automating Facebook to Achieve Marketing Goals
          2. Scheduling Updates with Post Planner or HootSuite
          3. Setting Up Notifications for Business Pages
          4. Connecting Your WordPress Blog to Facebook
      5. Book IV: Building a Business Page
        1. Chapter 1: Creating a Business Page
          1. Deciding to Create a Business Page
          2. Creating Your Business Page
          3. Creating a Vanity URL
          4. Understanding the Importance of Cover and Profile Pictures
            1. Choosing a profile picture
            2. Choosing a cover picture
        2. Chapter 2: Customizing Your Business Page
          1. Adding Information about Your Business Page
          2. Customizing Your Business Page Settings
            1. Page Visibility option
            2. Posting Ability option
            3. Post Visibility option
            4. Post Targeting and Privacy option
            5. Messages option
            6. Tagging Ability option
            7. Notifications option
            8. Country Restrictions option
            9. Age Restrictions option
            10. Page Moderation option
            11. Profanity Filter option
            12. Similar Page Suggestions option
            13. Replies option
            14. Merge Pages option
            15. Remove Page option
          3. Creating Admin Roles
          4. All about Apps
          5. Suggestions from Your Followers
          6. Choosing Featured Business Pages
          7. Sending Updates on the Go
        3. Chapter 3: Touring Your Business Page
          1. Reviewing the Overall Business Page
          2. The Admin Panel
          3. The Admin Panel Toolbar
          4. Page Info Section
          5. Apps Navigation
            1. Changing the order of displayed apps
            2. Using your own images for displayed apps
            3. Choosing highlighted apps
          6. Your Timeline
            1. Status update box
            2. Creating a milestone update
            3. Editing updates and milestones
            4. Finding friends who Like this page
            5. Finding recent posts by others
            6. Reviewing liked pages
            7. Managing third-party posts
          7. Reviewing the Right Sidebar
          8. Using Facebook as Your Business Page or Personal Timeline
            1. Switching from one to the other
            2. The Facebook toolbar when using Facebook as your business page
        4. Chapter 4: Building Your Community
          1. Determining Your Goals and Objectives
          2. Establishing Your Authority
          3. Establishing Social Proof
          4. Creating Shareable Content
            1. Sharing instead of broadcasting
            2. Sharing links
            3. Using photos and video to encourage sharing
            4. Asking questions
            5. Using calls to action
            6. Creating content only for followers
          5. Targeting Updates
          6. Handling Customer Service
            1. Interacting regularly with followers
            2. Addressing negative comments and reviews
      6. Book V: Marketing Your Business
        1. Chapter 1: Building a Network of Influence
          1. The Importance of Engagement
            1. Building friends and followers for your business
            2. Connecting with your friends and followers
          2. Integrating Facebook in Marketing Campaigns
            1. Promoting Facebook via traditional advertising
            2. Having a memorable URL
            3. Using apps to build influence
            4. Outsourcing your Facebook management
        2. Chapter 2: Running a Social Marketing Campaign
          1. Understanding What Makes Social Marketing Campaigns Work
          2. Types of Facebook Campaigns
          3. Implementing Sharing Contests
            1. Getting a good response
            2. Avoiding a flopped contest
          4. Marketing a Facebook Contest
          5. The Power of Crowdsourcing
            1. Using crowdsourcing to create a new product
            2. Using crowdsourcing to determine your Facebook content
          6. Preparing Your Business Page for the Campaign
            1. Your cover photo
            2. A custom tab
            3. Contact forms
            4. Canvas apps
            5. The ticker
        3. Chapter 3: Using Insights to Track Your Success
          1. Tracking Your Facebook Stats with Insights
            1. Reviewing the main Insights page
            2. Exporting your data
            3. Checking out your settings
          2. Touring the Likes Page
          3. Understanding Reach Page Data
          4. Finding Friends by Using the Visits Page
          5. The All-Important Posts Page
          6. Understanding the People Page
          7. Getting to Know the News Feed Algorithm
            1. Understanding how the News Feed Algorithm works
            2. Using rank to improve your news feed position
        4. Chapter 4: Ads, Promotions, and Offers
          1. Finding Facebook Ads
          2. Deciding Whether Facebook Ads Are Right for You
            1. Choosing an ad: Facebook ads
            2. Choosing an ad: sponsored stories
            3. Knowing what you can’t do with ads
          3. Creating Your Facebook Ad
            1. What Kind of Results Do You Want for Your Ads? section
            2. Select Images section
            3. Text and Links section
            4. Audience section
            5. Account and Campaign section
            6. Bidding and Pricing section
            7. Review
          4. Finding and Using the Facebook Ads Manager
            1. Understanding the left navigation options
          5. Generating a Report
          6. Adding or Deleting an Ads Account Administrator
          7. Closing Your Facebook Ads Account
          8. Using Facebook Promotions to Market Your Business
            1. Getting the word out
            2. Using a strong call to action
            3. Understanding the promotions guidelines
          9. Using Apps to Create Customized Giveaways and Contests
            1. ShortStack
            2. Wildfire
            3. Strutta
          10. Creating Best Practices for Your Facebook Promotion
            1. Know the goals of your promotion
            2. Keep hoops to a minimum
            3. Provide the what, why, and how
            4. Go beyond your current followers
          11. Using Facebook Offers to Reach New Customers
        5. Chapter 5: Identifying Your Target Audience
          1. Using Insights to Identify Your Audience
          2. Understanding Why Online and TraditionalMarketing Are Necessary
          3. Marketing Facebook Offline
            1. Direct mail marketing
            2. TV ads focused on Facebook
            3. Radio ads focused on Facebook
          4. Online Marketing Resources
            1. E-mail marketing
            2. Search marketing with PPC
          5. Integrated Campaigns
      7. Book VI: Developing Facebook Apps
        1. Chapter 1: Custom Apps for Business Pages
          1. Using Apps for Facebook Marketing
          2. Extending the Facebook Experience
            1. Screen real estate
            2. Social channels
            3. Analytics
          3. Discovering iframes
          4. Increasing Engagement with Apps
            1. Draw people in with requests
            2. Publishing stories
            3. News feed discovery stories
            4. Users’ permissions with apps
            5. Apps that don’t require user permissions
            6. Features that encourage sharing with friends
          5. Avoiding the Reinvention of the Wheel
        2. Chapter 2: Building Canvas Apps and Page Tabs
          1. Finding the Differences between Canvas Apps and Page Tabs
            1. Page tab features
            2. Canvas app features
            3. Choosing between a page tab and a canvas app
          2. Creating Your App
          3. Getting to Know App Settings
            1. App Details page
            2. Open Graph
            3. Defining roles for your app
          4. Insights in Facebook Apps
        3. Chapter 3: Creating Your Own Apps
          1. Creating and Deploying a Facebook App
            1. At Facebook’s core
            2. A basic app
            3. App, app — who has the app?
            4. Installing the Facebook app
          2. Authenticating Your App
            1. The App Details
            2. Request permission
        4. Chapter 4: Tour of the Facebook API
          1. Finding Technical Information
            1. Facebook’s online API documentation
            2. Helpful tutorials
          2. Understanding Facebook’s Core Concepts
            1. Open Graph versus Graph API
            2. Requesting access to and accessing objects
            3. Cool core tools for creating advanced apps
          3. Developing Apps More Easily with SDKs
            1. Web-scripting SDKs
            2. Mobile app–scripting SDKs
          4. Placing Facebook Objects on Your Web Pages with Social Plugins
      8. About the Authors
      9. Cheat Sheet
      10. More Dummies Products