From Voices to Results - Voice of Customer Questions, Tools and Analysis

Book description

Make the right decisions about your products and services by listening effectively to the people that matter ? your customers

About This Book
  • Understand the core components, processes and technologies available for a VOC initiative
  • Structure effective VOC programs and turn VOC into actionable product success
  • A handy guide to help you identify the hidden needs of your customers and strengthen your relationship with them
Who This Book Is For

The book is for anyone who needs to get to know their customer, how they feel and what they think about a certain subject. If you are a stakeholder in any project responsible for customer relationships, this book will help you immensely. An awareness of VOC as a topic would be useful, although not essential.

What You Will Learn
  • Understand different unarticulated needs of your customers
  • Deploy effective VOC in your organizations
  • Identify and understand the different tools and processes to set up a successful VOC program
  • Integrating your findings about your customers into successful products
  • Effectively utilize VOC for a successful launch of your product
In Detail

This book is all about getting to know your customers ? what they want and need, what they like and don't like. Voice of the Customer is one of the most popular forms of market research combining both quantitative and qualitative methods. This book shows you how to engage with customers and understand their wants and needs, likes and dislikes ? something which is becoming more in more important with the rise of an increasingly connected world. The book addresses the problem of understanding your customer and engaging with those customers. It also targets people who want to know how to do an effective VOC capture and analysis. As with any engagement/research based initiative, there is also a concern with the ROI. This book shows you how to overcome this problem as well.

By the end of this book, you will have a thorough understanding of the relevant stages of a VOC project. It will show you how to devise an effective plan, direct the project to their objectives, and then show you how to collect the voice of the customer, with examples and templates for interviewing and surveying.

Style and approach

This book is a perfect blend of concepts and real-world use-cases which will help the businesses understand and therefore serve the customers better. Written in a very engaging manner, this book ensures you are able to grasp the theory and apply it in your business seamlessly.

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Table of contents

  1. From Voices to Results – Voice of Customer Questions, Tools, and Analysis
    1. From Voices to Results – Voice of Customer Questions, Tools, and Analysis
    2. Credits
    3. About the Author
    4. Preface
      1. What this book covers
      2. Who this book is for
      3. What you need for this book
        1. Conventions
      4. Reader feedback
        1. Piracy
    5. 1. Solving Problems and Driving Value with VoC
      1. Built to fail?
      2. The fifth "P"
      3. Customer input
      4. Defining VoC
        1. Being customer-focused
        2. Customer knowledge
      5. Summary
    6. 2. VoC in the Product Development Process
      1. Where does VoC fit in the product development process?
      2. Incremental, platform, and breakthrough products
      3. New product development
        1. Stage 1 – Ideation
        2. Gate 1
        3. Stage 2 – Concept
      4. Gate 2
        1. Stage 3 – Detailed assessment
        2. Stage 4 – Development
        3. Stage 5 – Test (and Readiness)
        4. Stage 6 – Sales
        5. Stage 7 – Post-Mortem
      5. Who's responsible?
      6. Summary
    7. 3. Laying the Groundwork
      1. The SWOT process
      2. Porter's five-forces
      3. Growth-share matrix
      4. Customer segmentation
        1. How to segment a market
      5. Competitive analysis
      6. Summary
    8. 4. Gathering the Customer Needs for Your Product
      1. Evolutionary versus revolutionary
        1. Discovery phase
        2. Definition phase
        3. Evaluation phase
      2. Idea management and VoC
      3. Customer visit interviews
      4. Surveys
        1. Mail surveys
        2. In-person surveys
        3. Phone surveys
        4. Email/mobile surveys
      5. Constructing your survey
      6. Focus groups
      7. Lead user analysis
      8. Ethnography
      9. Other VoC methods
      10. Summary
    9. 5. The Interview Process – Preparation
      1. The plan
      2. Visit purpose
      3. Segmenting the market
      4. Who is the customer and selecting the right customers to visit
        1. Who are you going to interview?
        2. How many customers must I interview?
        3. Where should I interview my customers?
          1. At your place of business
          2. At a neutral location
          3. At the customer's place of business
      5. The interview team
      6. Customer's visiting process and buy-in
      7. The interview guide
      8. Scheduling interviews
      9. Summary
    10. 6. The Interview Process – The Interview
      1. The VoCMOT
      2. Review logistics
      3. The key to a successful VoC – robust data
      4. Audio recording and transcriptions
      5. Video recording
      6. Interview roles and responsibilities
      7. Moderator role and responsibility
      8. Listener/note taker responsibility
      9. Observer
      10. Interview introduction
      11. Moderator tips
      12. Ladder of abstraction
      13. The five whys
      14. Note taker tips
      15. Don'ts for the interview
      16. Observational VoC
      17. Practicing the interview
      18. Perfecting the interview
      19. Concept testing
      20. Following up
      21. Summary
    11. 7. Understanding the Customer's Voice
      1. Consolidating the customer's voice
      2. Prioritizing the customer's voice
      3. From voices into customer requirements
      4. Sorting and prioritizing the customer's requirements
      5. Summary
    12. 8. Validating the Customer's Voice
      1. Linkert scale
      2. Kano model
      3. Using the Kano model as part of your VoC process – Kano questionnaire
      4. Using the Kano model as part of your VoC process – Kano analysis
      5. Summary
    13. 9. Completing the Circle – Using the Customer's Voice in Your Organization
      1. From voices to product requirements – types
      2. From voices to product requirements – characteristics
        1. Attainable
        2. Valuable
        3. Concise
        4. Design free
        5. Complete
        6. Clear, consistent, and unambiguous
        7. Verifiable
        8. Traceable
        9. Measurable
        10. Atomic
        11. Prioritized
      3. Getting the requirements into engineering – QFD
        1. Airline feedback for airline seat
        2. Passenger feedback for airline seat
      4. Pricing
      5. Articulating the value
      6. Summary
    14. A. Epilogue

Product information

  • Title: From Voices to Results - Voice of Customer Questions, Tools and Analysis
  • Author(s): Robert Coppenhaver
  • Release date: April 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781783001446