Using IaaS

Organizations use IaaS for a variety of needs. Some companies want to leverage IaaS to quickly and economically provision additional compute power, whereas others want to avoid costly and complex maintenance of servers. Some companies find that using IaaS for disaster recovery is highly cost-effective and enables the company to mirror its entire site. In hybrid environments, companies will find a myriad of uses for IaaS. A wise user will evaluate each opportunity to use IaaS against the risk level associated with the IaaS provider and the overall economic risks and benefits.

Using IaaS for discrete projects

Here are some examples where IaaS is used for specific projects:

A team at company X is tasked with creating and testing a new application. The team requires a server for testing and development, but management needs the work done quickly and on the cheap. The team can acquire the resources from IaaS provider.

Company Y hosts a very popular food and cooking website. Normally, company Y’s website runs quickly, but before major holidays, the site slows, and last Thanksgiving the site crashed and left cooks wondering what to do with their frozen turkeys. They employ IaaS to deal with any peaks in load.

Both company X and company Y can utilize IaaS to extend their internal IT infrastructure for a short period of time.

These two different companies may each realize similar benefits from using IaaS for discrete projects during a specific period of time. The development ...

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