Workload Complexities in the Hybrid Cloud Environment

The world is a lot more complicated with the hybrid cloud than it was with a single architecture (if only the world were still so simple!). With the advent of a hybrid cloud world, many more applications and services exist across geographies that have to run. Some workloads may be permanent and need to run constantly, such as an online commerce site or a control system that manages a critical environmental process. Virtualized workloads add another level of complexity. Business services and various application models are added into the mix as well.

remember.eps In a hybrid cloud environment, your workloads may be running on different clouds, running different kinds of infrastructures using different operating systems. You’re bringing together workloads from different environments that often have to behave as though they’re a unified system.

Operationalizing workloads

What is the connection between workloads and workload management in the cloud? It’s actually at the center of determining whether you have a well performing cloud environment or not. This is true whether you are a service provider offering either a public or private cloud to customers, or if you’re managing an internal private cloud to benefit internal customers and external customers and partners.

You may think that all you have to do is get some automation software (to automatically ...

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