The Integration Imperative

Now that you have a sense of the different types of cloud services, it’s time to think about how you bring services together — essentially, to integrate those services — to create a hybrid next-generation computing environment that offers the flexibility and cost control organizations are beginning to demand. Standards will have to emerge so that there is a consistent approach to integration across a hybrid computing environment. Foundational requirements necessary to make this type of integration work include

check.png A service-oriented approach: Creating an environment that allows services to be linked together requires modular components with well-defined interfaces. A service-oriented approach facilitates integration at the process level.

check.png Well-defined data: Organizations need to combine data from different cloud environments. This data must be designed to support common definitions.

check.png Service-level integration: When creating a hybrid environment, services need to be managed in a way that allows them to perform according to customer expectations.

Service-oriented integration

An important element of a flexible hybrid computing environment is the ability to easily ...

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