Chapter 4

Conducting Performance Appraisals

In This Chapter

arrow Getting together the data you need

arrow Checking your assumptions at the door

arrow Ensuring productivity within the appraisal session

arrow Helping employees develop and grow

As the time to conduct performance appraisals approaches, many managers experience one or more of the following feelings: anxiety, nervousness, nausea, aggravation, frustration, confusion, fear, stress, or dread. Frankly, based on the way that many companies put together their performance appraisal programs, these reactions aren't surprising.

The good news is that most of today's performance appraisals are user-friendly, easily administered, and an essential component of effective management. Performance appraisal plays a central role in developing your employees and enhancing their performance and productivity. As such, the appraisal process plays a key role in adding value to your employees — and ultimately to your department and your company at large. This chapter walks you through how to create a performance appraisal program that is efficient and effective for ...

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