Chapter 1

Tapping into the Brain of a Leader

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering the many ways to be intelligent

arrow Taking stock of your own emotional intelligence

arrow Calling on intuition and reason to make decisions

A neuroscientist might tell you that your intelligence lies in the top layer of your brain, the neocortex, because judgment, decision making, and future planning all reside in this area. Albert Einstein may be the person you think of as the smartest person who ever lived. But his entire neocortex was not larger than average; rather, it was found to be thinner than others. Some specific areas of his brain showed marked differences that many people believe were the source of his genius.

Intelligence in Einstein's brain may be different from the intelligence that you possess. Scientific research suggests something unheard of even a couple decades ago — intelligence isn't fixed. In other words, you can increase your intelligence throughout your life.

This chapter introduces you to various definitions of intelligence and shows you that how you are smart may be more important than you think. It takes you through the very important emotional aspect of intelligence, showing you how to train ...

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