Chapter 3

Developing Tools for Productive Team Players

In This Chapter

arrow Recognizing what active listening is all about

arrow Polishing speaking styles

arrow Looking at skills for more effective planning

arrow Examining behaviors to avoid and models to use for problem-solving

arrow Using brainstorming techniques to develop solutions

The skills that team members need to work together effectively begin at a simple level: listening and speaking. Interpersonal communication is the core of a team's ability to function and perform and usually makes the difference between success and failure.

Being able to communicate well is an important element of moving past problems and planning for the future. You don't have to be a genius to make good plans or solve tough problems. But you do need to pay attention and think — think before acting, not the other way around. When teams are reactive to problem situations or just jump into work with nothing organized first, chaos and inefficiency reign.

This chapter provides you ...

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