Chapter 2: Tailoring Your Marketing Message for Asia

In This Chapter

check.png Succeeding in Asia

check.png Discovering Japan

check.png Succeeding in China

check.png Finding out about South Korea

check.png Operating in Russia

The first stop on our world tour of online marketing in the international venue is the Asia region, which includes Japan, China, South Korea, and much of Russia. In Chapter 1 of this minibook, we briefly touch on the search engines popular in this region, along with a few tips and tricks for operating a web site in those countries. In this chapter, we go into more depth on operating online in Asia. You discover tips on how to succeed in the targeted country, the demographics of the region, and any other hints we think would we useful to you along the way.

Succeeding in Asia

Starting up a web site or expanding your site into the Asian region can be a little daunting. Asian culture can be very different from Western culture, with nuances that can harm you and your company if you miss them, and that’s not even ...

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