Social Media for Business

Book description

The quick-and-easy guide to effective social media marketing

Social Media for Business is the essential guide to navigating the social media maelstrom and effectively promoting your business online. You'll learn how to develop a simple marketing plan, use social media effectively and measure the results of your efforts as you turn contacts and followers into customers. This new third edition has been updated to reflect the expanding influence of Instagram, and includes Snapchat, Security, Social Influence and updated case studies that illustrate the rapid evolution of social media as a business tool. You'll learn about the recent changes to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest and how to factor them into your strategy — as well as when to decide to transition toward or away from any specific platform.

Social media can help you expand your networks, engage with your customers and help you grow your business, but not all platforms work for all businesses. The best results come from directed effort and stellar execution, and this book shows you how to make it happen from setup to sale.

  • Learn where to focus your efforts for maximum gain
  • Discover the newest platforms, their demographics and their potential
  • Understand key changes that can affect the way you use major platforms
  • Build an effective social media presence that translates into business

Not every business needs a Facebook page, but every business does need some sort of online presence — and social media can be a high-impact, cost-effective way to reach thousands of potential customers. From building a profile to creating and curating content, Social Media for Business is packed with guidance every business owner needs.

Table of contents

  1. Foreword
  2. About the author
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. Introduction
    1. Who should read this book?
    2. What will I learn?
  5. Opening story
  6. Chapter 1: Social media — policy, plan and profitability
    1. Do I need social media?
    2. Digital marketing and social influence
    3. Spoilt for choice
    4. How will social media grow your business?
    5. Your details are not safe online ... or are they?
    6. What if it goes wrong?
    7. Let’s start networking and making connections
    8. Getting an effective social media plan together
    9. Forming the social media team
    10. Getting a content plan
    11. Monitoring your social media profitability
  7. Chapter 2: Facebook
    1. Using Facebook for marketing
    2. Setting up your business page
    3. Back to your content plan
  8. Chapter 3: LinkedIn
    1. Your personal profile
    2. Recommendations
    3. Update your status
    4. Using Publisher
    5. Adding your connections
    6. Networking with LinkedIn
    7. Setting up your company page
    8. Using InMail
    9. Advertising on LinkedIn
  9. Chapter 4: Twitter
    1. What is Twitter?
    2. Setting up your account
    3. Finding followers and who to follow
    4. Get tweeting
    5. Listen out for your brand
  10. Chapter 5: YouTube
    1. Why create a video?
    2. Making your video
    3. Setting up your YouTube channel and uploading your video
    4. Promoting your video
    5. Subscribing to other channels
  11. Chapter 6: Instagram
    1. What is Instagram?
    2. Using Instagram in your business
    3. Instagram tools
    4. Instagram videos
    5. Getting followers on Instagram
    6. Instagram ads
    7. What’s popular on Instagram?
    8. Instagram success stories
  12. Chapter 7: Pinterest
    1. Online scrapbooking made simple
    2. Setting up your Pinterest page
    3. Pinning
  13. Chapter 8: Snapchat
    1. Why are B2B businesses using Snapchat?
    2. Growing your audience on Snapchat
    3. 5 strategies to increase audience engagement
    4. Useful Snapchat perks for B2B businesses
    5. How to measure the effectiveness of your B2B Snapchat channel
  14. Chapter 9: Online etiquette
    1. You are what you share
    2. Making connections with LinkedIn
    3. Applying good manners online
  15. Chapter 10: Email marketing
    1. What is email marketing?
    2. Build a list
    3. Design
    4. Testing
    5. Database
    6. Sending
    7. Lifecycle emails
  16. Chapter 11: Podcasting
    1. What is a podcast?
    2. Don’t be scared!
    3. Getting started
  17. Chapter 12: Google+
    1. Advantages of Google+
    2. Who should have a Google+ page?
    3. Creating a Google+ page
    4. The internal pages
    5. Other functions
  18. Chapter 13: Making your website work
    1. What is SEO?
    2. Why does my website need SEO?
    3. Get the most out of your website
    4. Link building
    5. Google search console (previously known as Webmaster Tools)
    6. Extra URLs
    7. Natural or clean URLs
    8. Grow your site
  19. Chapter 14: Staying safe
    1. Security for your business accounts
  20. Chapter 15: Promoting yourself and getting results
    1. Promote your social media efforts
    2. Is your online message the same as your offline message?
  21. Wrap
  22. Appendix: Daisy’s social media plan
  23. Index
  24. EULA

Product information

  • Title: Social Media for Business
  • Author(s): Linda Coles
  • Release date: August 2017
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780730345770