Chapter 7 Pinterest

Key areas we will cover in chapter 7:

  • ✓ setting up a Pinterest page
  • ✓ explaining pins and boards
  • ✓ getting great images
  • ✓ exploring business board ideas
  • ✓ using Pinterest for content on other platforms.

Scrapbooking has long been the hobby of many so it makes sense that there is an electronic version of the popular pastime for the twenty-first century — it’s called Pinterest.

Quick facts on Pinterest

Here are some interesting Pinterest facts:

  • images It was launched in 2010.
  • images It has approximately 150 million active users.
  • images Eighty-five per cent of pinners are female.
  • images Eighty million users are outside the United States.
  • images It’s online scrapbooking.
  • images It can be linked to other social sites.
  • images There is a mobile app available.

Online scrapbooking made simple

The beauty of the digital ...

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