Chapter 5 YouTube

Key areas we will cover in chapter 5:

  • ✓ why you should create a video
  • ✓ some real examples of smaller businesses that use video
  • ✓ setting up a YouTube channel
  • ✓ making your video
  • ✓ uploading your video.

Video marketing is fast becoming a popular way to explain a product or service, and sites such as YouTube are very popular. Think of YouTube as a resource channel to find the answer to your question, as well as an entertainment centre for funny videos.

Quick facts on YouTube

Here are some interesting YouTube facts:

  • images It was founded in 2005.
  • images It has 30 million visitors per day.
  • images Five billion videos are watched per day.
  • images Eighty per cent of traffic is from outside the United States.
  • images Fifty per cent of the time it is watched on a mobile phone.

Why create a video?

It’s that exposure word again. How great would it be if one of your videos had millions of views worldwide and everyone was talking about your brand? And all for the cost of making a great video?

But in order ...

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