The Windows Migration Assistant

If you don’t really need the year’s worth of private Mac lessons, then here’s another low-effort option: Let the Lion Migration Assistant do the transferring for you.

Now, the 1.0 version has a reputation for bugginess. But if it works on your system, it’s a nearly effortless automatic tool that copies all your important data from a Windows PC (running Windows XP SP3 or later) to your Mac. (And if it doesn’t work, Manual Network Transfers offers manual techniques that can do the same job.)

You’ll find the Migration Assistant program in your Applications→Utilities folder. Before you open it, make sure your Mac and your PC are connected to the same network (WiFi or wired), as described in Chapter 14.

Now open Migration Assistant. Choose the first option: “From another Mac, PC, Time Machine backup, or other disk.” Click Continue. (Enter your password if you’re asked for it.)

When all is said and done, here’s what it accomplishes:

  • Transfers your email into Mail from Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, or Windows Live accounts (POP or IMAP). Your messages even show up correctly flagged as having been read, replied to, and flagged (except if they originated in Windows Live).

  • Transfers your address book into Address Book from Outlook and Outlook Express contacts, and from Windows contacts in the Contacts folder on your PC.

  • Transfers your calendar into iCal from Outlook’s calendar.

  • Transfers your iTunes collection from iTunes on Windows into iTunes for the Mac. ...

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