Sharing Any Folder

If the Public-folder method seems too simple and restrictive, then you can graduate to the “share any folder” method. In this scheme, you can make any file, folder, or disk available to other people on the network.

The advantage here is that you don’t have to move your files into the Public folder; they can sit right where you have them. And this time, you can set up elaborate sharing privileges (also known as permissions) that grant individuals different amounts of access to your files.

This method is more complicated to set up than that Public-folder business. In fact, just to underline its complexity, Apple has created two different setup procedures. You can share one icon at a time by opening its Get Info window; or you can work in a master list of shared items in System Preferences.

The following pages cover both methods.

The Get Info Method

Here’s how to share a Mac file, disk, or folder disk using its Get Info window.

The following steps assume that you’ve turned on →System Preferences→Sharing→File Sharing, as shown in Figure 14-2.

  1. Highlight the folder or disk you want to share. Choose FileGet Info.

    The Get Info dialog box appears (Figure 14-4). Expand the General panel, if it’s not already visible.


    Sharing an entire disk means that every folder and file on it is available to anyone you give access to. On the other hand, by sharing only a folder or two, you can ...

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