Chapter 20. Positive Principles

Positive Principles

"The answer is this: Successful, positive companies with positive employees and positive cultures are created like anything else. Through a set of principles, processes, systems, and habits that are ingrained in the corporate culture and each individual employee. Positive companies aren't born. They are developed. So, let's talk about the key principles." Hope tapped a computer key and pulled up the first slide in her presentation.

A Positive Environment and Culture Are Everything

"It doesn't happen by osmosis," she said. "It happens by relentlessly focusing on our culture and weeding out negativity. As Dan said the other day, negativity is the problem, and we will have to let go of our negative employees who hurt our productivity."

"Like the bloggers," Jim said. "We should have fired both of them, not just one of them," he sneered.

Hope looked right at Jim. "Not really, Jim. You see, the best way to deal with negativity is to create a positive culture where negativity can't breed, grow, and survive. Otherwise, you will spend all your time fighting negativity rather than cultivating a positive culture." Hope brought up the second slide.

Positive Leadership Is Required

"We need positive leadership to build a positive culture. It must be a priority," she said, as she looked at Jim. "Let's face it, we've brought in speakers before who talk about this, but many ...

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