Honda – Creating a Centre of Excellence

How to Create an International Centre of Excellence


Learn how Honda developed communication and collaboration within the European region to develop their social media capabilities and improve communication with customers.

Executive summary


Moving from a system of independent social media development, Honda creates a regional structure to refine development and improve efficiencies. From bringing expertise together and improving communications a centre of excellence (CoE) was created.

Key findings

  • Communications across a diverse 27-country region is a challenge.
  • A people-centric approach to change is effective.
  • Technology as a tool for humanizing the management of social media.


1. Define a goal for social media in your organization.
2. Understand your organization and the individual roles in your social media teams.
3. Develop analytics and data from activities from the start to build a foundation for data-led decisions.

What you need to know

Honda Motor Europe looked to move social media management from an independent country structure to one of collaboration across the region. The approach was that of consultation and co-development.

  • Honda is a global brand with a diverse range of product divisions.
  • Honda Motor Europe social media strategy is focused on developing one-to-one customer relationships and improving ...

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