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A great salesman might be able to sell ice to Eskimos, but getting that Eskimo to tweet about it is a bit more challenging. This is a story of how even a boring product can go viral.

Executive summary


One evening in the office, a simple Google search for driving in heels led to one of the most successful social media campaigns for Confused.com in terms of ROI for the whole of 2012. The case focuses on a company that came late to the social media party, but when it did, it came with style, being one of the company's biggest success stories of 2012.

Key findings

  • The video received 51,926 views, there were 1,500 tweets about the campaign, 70 Pinterest pins, 21 video embeds, a 33.6 per cent uplift in Facebook fans and 113 links to Confused.com.
  • The month long campaign brought 46,064 new visitors to the Confused.com web site.
  • It takes just one success for the company to believe in social media.


1. Jump on new social platforms or changes when they emerge, it will get you guaranteed coverage and noise for your brand.
2. Build an in-house content team with social expertise and work with agencies to add value, but don't be reliant on external knowledge.
3. Don't assume you have to spend a lot to get good results, simple ideas can work better than those that come with high cost. ...

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