Customer Services


giffgaff – Customer Support by Customers

Putting Community at the Core of Your Business


The case will explain how we set up the community, why it is important to the business, how we approach the community and some of the benefits the business and the customers get out of it.

Executive summary


giffgaff are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with a community, all the way from highest in industry Net Promoter Scores, to tremendous cost savings in customer service, and they claim they haven't reached the limit yet. Creating a truly involved community for your business creates tremendous results, especially if the business is open to it, willing to spend time and resources, open to change the way it's working and really involves the community in its business decisions.

Key findings

They have been able to:

  • Create a consistent Net Promoter Score of 75.
  • Sustain a Customer Satisfaction Index of 80.
  • Reduce customer service costs by a minimum of 50 per cent.


1. Ensure you have the buy-in and support from the entire business. The more support the community gets from the wider business, the better your community will flourish by being able to address any and all questions that come from the community.
2. Create processes that ensure you can make decisions fast, and have the ability to change your roadmap depending on ...

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