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Israel Foreign Office – Social in Hostile Environments

When Israel Speaks Arabic


The case of Arabic public diplomacy in Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Digital Diplomacy Depart­ment is a unique example of an official attempt to bridge the gap of information that exists in the Arab world concerning Israel. A key tool of that effort is the Ministry's Facebook page.

Executive summary


The Ministry's Arabic public diplomacy copes with the image created for Israel by presenting a full picture of what Israel really is. Through a combination of “soft” materials that involve issues of the Israeli experience, the innovations that are being created in Israel and political materials, the public diplomacy in this Facebook page manages to bring together more than 260,000 people from a hostile environment to read contents posted by the state of Israel in order for them to make up their own mind.

Key findings

The page has currently more than 260,000 fans (members). The total amount of those fans' friends is close to 42 million.

Few of the leading newspapers and communication channels of the Arab world, including Al-Hayat (London), Al-Akhbar (Lebanon), Al-Watan (Kuwait), Alarabiya television channel and more have written about Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Facebook page in Arabic.

During its first 18-month period the page published some 7,200 answers to ...

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