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The Truth About Negotiations

Book Description

“The 53 Truths provide incredible insight into the art and science of negotiating. This is a must read for sales professionals but is equally beneficial to all who wish to be better negotiators.”

–CHRIS WEBER, Vice President, West Region Enterprise, Microsoft Corporation

“Negotiation skills can and must be learned. In her new book, Leigh provides the framework. A must read for negotiators at all levels of ability.”

–ANTHONY SANTIAGO, Vice President, Global Sourcing & Supplier Management, Bristol-Myers Squibb

“A superbly presented summary of practical tools and techniques for negotiating in all types of situations, and creating win-win solutions that result in enduring business relationships. Provides substantiated evidence of what works successfully–and pitfalls to avoid–in the game of negotiation.”

–RUSSELL D’SOUZA, International Credit Manager, Hallmark Cards, Inc.

You can learn to be a world-class negotiator and get what you want!

• The truth about how to prepare within one hour

• The truth about negotiating with friends, colleagues, and spouses

• The truth about the win-win litmus test

This book reveals 53 PROVEN NEGOTIATION PRINCIPLES and bite-size, easy-to-use techniques that work.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents
  4. Praise for The Truth About Negotiations
  5. Introduction
  6. Truth 1. If you have only one hour to prepare...
  7. Truth 2. Negotiation: A natural gift?
  8. Truth 3. Rehearsal might get you to Carnegie, but it won't help you negotiate
  9. Truth 4. The power of making the first offer
  10. Truth 5. What if you don't make the first offer?
  11. Truth 6. Don't be a tough or a nice negotiator
  12. Truth 7. Four sand traps in the golf game of negotiation
  13. Truth 8. Your industry is unique (and other myths)
  14. Truth 9. Identify your BATNA
  15. Truth 10. It's alive! Constantly improve your BATNA
  16. Truth 11. Don't reveal your BATNA
  17. Truth 12. Don't lie about your BATNA
  18. Truth 13. Signal your BATNA
  19. Truth 14. Research the other party's BATNA
  20. Truth 15. Develop your reservation price
  21. Truth 16. Beware of ZOPA myopia
  22. Truth 17. Set optimistic but realistic aspirations
  23. Truth 18. Plan your concessions
  24. Truth 19. Be aware of the "even-split" ploy
  25. Truth 20. The pregame
  26. Truth 21. The game
  27. Truth 22. The postgame
  28. Truth 23. What does "win-win" really mean?
  29. Truth 24. Satisficing versus optimizing
  30. Truth 25. There are really only two kinds of negotiations
  31. Truth 26. Ask triple-I questions
  32. Truth 27. Reveal your interests
  33. Truth 28. Negotiate issues simultaneously, not sequentially
  34. Truth 29. Logrolling (I scratch your back, you scratch mine)
  35. Truth 30. Make multiple offers of equivalent value simultaneously
  36. Truth 31. Postsettlement settlements
  37. Truth 32. Contingent agreements
  38. Truth 33. Are you an enlightened negotiator?
  39. Truth 34. The reciprocity principle
  40. Truth 35. The reinforcement principle
  41. Truth 36. The similarity principle
  42. Truth 37. Know when to drop an anchor
  43. Truth 38. The framing effect
  44. Truth 39. Responding to temper tantrums
  45. Truth 40. What's your sign? (Know your disputing style)
  46. Truth 41. Using power responsibly
  47. Truth 42. Saving face
  48. Truth 43. How to negotiate with someone you hate
  49. Truth 44. How to negotiate with someone you love
  50. Truth 45. Building the winning negotiation team
  51. Truth 46. What if they arrive with a team?
  52. Truth 47. Of men, women, and pie-slicing
  53. Truth 48. Know why the fish swim
  54. Truth 49. It does not make sense to always get to the point...
  55. Truth 50. Negotiating on the phone
  56. Truth 51. Your reputation
  57. Truth 52. Building trust
  58. Truth 53. Repairing broken trust
  59. References
  60. Acknowledgments
  61. About the Author