Ttk style inheritance

You know the drill by now—open up a blank file and fill in the following code:

import tkinter as tkimport tkinter.ttk as ttkwin = tk.Tk()regular_button = ttk.Button(win, text="regular button")small_button = ttk.Button(win, text="small button", style="small.TButton")big_button = ttk.Button(win, text="big button", style="big.TButton")big_dangerous_button = ttk.Button(win, text="big dangerous", style="danger.big.TButton")small_dangerous_button = ttk.Button(win, text="small dangerous", style="danger.small.TButton")

After the imports and main window, we create five buttons. Each button will have different styling added to it:

  • The first has no style argument, so will only have the global styling applied to it.
  • The second ...

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