The GameScreen class

Our GameScreen will be a subclass from Tkinter's powerful Canvas widget and contain all of the logic to do with our window's graphics and animations:

class GameScreen(tk.Canvas):    def __init__(self, master, **kwargs):        super().__init__(master, **kwargs)        self.DECK_COORDINATES = (700, 100)        self.CARD_ORIGINAL_POSITION = 100        self.CARD_WIDTH_OFFSET = 100        self.PLAYER_CARD_HEIGHT = 300        self.DEALER_CARD_HEIGHT = 100        self.PLAYER_SCORE_TEXT_COORDS = (340, 450)        self.PLAYER_MONEY_COORDS = (490, 450)        self.POT_MONEY_COORDS = (500, 100)        self.WINNER_TEXT_COORDS = (400, 250)

We begin by initializing the super class, Canvas, with the arguments passed over by our GameWindow. We use the **kwargs argument to pass all of our options over to ...

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